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Boost Your Confidence

Helping you get your book written

I am the award-winning author of seventeen critically acclaimed novels and non-fiction works. I help writers work through the fear and anxiety that is part of the creative writing process. I can help boost your confidence.

“It is always heartening to see women step up to the writer’s table. When the results are as adroit and affecting as Marita Golden’s work, it is more than satisfying, it is a cause for celebration.”
Toni Morrison
Nobel Prize-winning Author

Master Teacher

Marita Golden acclaimed author

I can help you tell your story. Let me guide, advise and support you on your writer’s journey. Your journey can be exciting and fulfilling!

Acclaimed Author

I am the award-winning author of 20 widely read works of fiction and non-fiction.

Master Writing Teacher

I have worked with hundreds of emerging and published writers at various stages in their development.

Book Editor

I work with writers to develop, write and edit their in-progress manuscripts.

Marita Golden Author, Speaker, Coach

Cultural Literary Activist

In 1990, with Clyde McElvene I founded The Hurston/Wright Foundation

Creative Writing Coach

For writers working on book-length projects I provide monthly guidance, advice and evaluation.

Literary Consultant

I can answer your questions about any aspect of writing or the business of publishing.


The New Black Woman by Marita Golden books
Enthusiastic readers of The Strong Black Woman asked me to write about my self-care practices habits, rituals, and beliefs. The result is The New Black Woman Loves Herself Has Boundaries Heals Every Day. I guide you through contemplative practices like silence and meditation that sustain me and bring me joy. I will help you gain the confidence to set boundaries in your life that will improve your life. Yes said to your need for rest and peace of mind is an affirmation. And No can be a complete sentence. I write honestly about what we have to do to make a commitment to being healthy. This is a book to read and reread and weave into the fabric of your life. Your life as a New Black Woman.

Services I Provide

Classes. Workshops. Coaching. Consulting.

I offer answers to your writing questions. I can work with you at any level of development of your project. I can help you start and sustain a productive writing life and boost your confidence in your ability to tell your story.



I create a nurturing space and encourage brave, fearless writing by helping writers work through and work with the fear and anxiety that is a natural part of the creative writing process. I offer classes for beginners and advanced writers as well as seminars on the business of writing.



Speaking for Teaching for Change SELF-CARE AND MENTAL HEALTH Are Urgent Agenda Items Self-care and mental health are not buzzwords. They are signs of the robust discussions taking place on our jobs, in our homes, with family, and friends, and they are increasingly an urgent agenda item for businesses, nonprofits,


I can answer your questions about the writing life and the publishing business. As your writing coach, I work with you as you learn how to write with regularity and with a skill that results in a story powerfully told. As a consultant, I help you choose the best options

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My Books Span Memoir & Fiction

My fiction and nonfiction portray the complex and challenging lives of African-American women and families.

Marita Golden

The Wide Circumference of Love

Contributor to the Canon of African-American Writing

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Published Writers That I've Worked With

Marita Golden is exceptionally gifted in getting writers to dig deep - she instructs, guides, and encourages you as you search for the buried treasure that lives inside all writers. She also excels at assisting writers with polishing what writers find inside themselves. You will have no idea how well you can write until you spend some time allowing Marita Golden to bless your life and your writing process."

Artist, Writer & Publishing Editor
Petula Caesar Artist, Writer & Publishing Editor

Marita Golden is a teacher's teacher. I taught fiction writing for several years, and am now a writing coach and concept editor. I depend on Marita's workshops and seminars to keep my writing chops nimble. Somehow, this woman has the ability to continuously open new vistas in my writer's-soul and mine fresh nuggets of creativity I didn't even know lived inside me. Her classes are the truth.

Editor & Writing Coach
Natasha Small Editor & Writing Coach

Working with Marita I gained more confidence in my ability to tell my stories. Marita Golden is a fantastic writing coach, and it is a privilege working with her.

Arlene Quiyou Pena storyteller
Arlene Quiyou-Pena Storyteller

Marita is a gifted, knowledgeable teacher and inspirer. With her professionalism and experience, I was encouraged to demand more of myself and take risks that vastly improved my manuscript.

Fiction Writing coach
Joanne Skerrett Author

“Marita is a real-world Captain Marvel. Her tagline should be Better, Faster, Further. My work improved by leaps and bounds working with her.”

Kaia Alderson Author of the novel Sisters in Arms