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Master Teacher, Mentor
Coach and Consultant

I have taught, mentored, coached, worked as co-editor or development consultant with many award-winning, prominent published authors including:


  • Nicole Dennis-Benn, Here Comes the Sun and Patsy
  • Tope Folarin, A Particular Kind of Black Man
  • Tracy Chiles McGhee, Melting the Blues
  • Sadeqa Johnson, House Eve (NY Times Bestseller), Yellow Wife and Second House From the Corner
  • Camille Acker, Training School for Negro Girls
  • Kaia Alderson, Sisters-in-Arms
  • Monica Chenault Kilgore, Long Gone Home
  • Jamila Minnicks, Moonrise Over Jessup
  • Joanne Skerrete, Island Man


  • Donna Brazile, Cooking With Grease Stirring the Pots in America
  • Karen Gray Houston, Daughter of the Boycott: Carrying on a Montgomery Family’s Civil Rights Legacy
  • Nita Wiggins, Civil Rights Baby, My Story of Race, Sports, and Breaking Barriers in American Journalism
  • Dr. Arica L. Coleman, In The Matter of Black Lives Womanist Prose


  • Caroline Brewer, Darius Daniels: Game On!
  • Leslie C. Youngblood, Love Like Sky and Forever This Summer

How to Work With Me

As a creative writing coach, I work with you to develop a plan of action to achieve your writing goals. No matter what level you are in your writing we can work together. I offer introductory and advanced individual creative writing coaching, manuscript evaluation, book editing, and book development support and I can answer your most frequently asked questions about how to get published.
For writers working on a book-length project, I can serve as a coach, providing monthly guidance, advice, and evaluation. Let's discuss your project >>
As a literary consultant, I work with writers at various stages of the development of their projects. Let's discuss your project >>
I provide a close and thorough reading of your manuscript. I evaluate the effectiveness of the narrative, the power, and authority of the voice, as well as the skill of the writing craft and technique. I read fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. Let's discuss your project >>
If you have questions about the viability of your project, how to develop and conduct research, resources to support your writing life, or if you want to know more about the publishing industry and how to find an agent, I can discuss any of these subjects with you in a phone conference or ZOOM call. Schedule a FAQ consultation >>
For writers under contract with a publisher, I provide book development and editing services. Let's discuss your project >>

I can guide you through the writing process from your first draft to the completion of your book and submitting it to a literary agent.

How to Get Started: Email me at [email protected] which service you are interested in and a description of your writing project. I will respond to your email within 24-48 hours

In a one-hour conference, I will answer your questions about your writing project, how to write it, develop it, and find resources to support your writing. I will answer questions about the publishing industry and the variety of today’s options from traditional to independent self-publishing. I will read up to 10 pages of your writing project.

Fee $299

For writers who have completed 100 pages or more of a manuscript and who want regular editorial advice and support as they work toward finishing their book.

Each month you will receive a written evaluation of up to 50 pages and we’ll have a Zoom or phone conference meeting to discuss your progress.

Fee $ 399 a month

How the manuscript evaluation/book development works:

Your manuscript will receive a close, complete, and thorough reading.

For nonfiction manuscripts, I evaluate the manuscript for clarity and precision of writing, evidence of research, thematic continuity, readability, and development of main ideas. I also assess the power and persuasiveness of the author’s voice.

For memoir manuscripts, I evaluate the manuscript for the development of character, writing style, drama, readability, and pacing.

For fiction manuscripts, I evaluate the manuscript for the effectiveness of plot, pacing, tension, conflict, narrative texture, character development, scene setting, author’s voice, drama, readability, and impact of the story.

You will receive a detailed written evaluation and if needed, writing exercises and suggested readings to strengthen areas of weakness and or underdevelopment.

Fee: $7 per page for manuscript up to 300 pages

$8 per page for a manuscript over 300 pages

Manuscripts must be 12-font, double-spaced

$200 for an optional Zoom conference to discuss the evaluation

In a book proposal, you are making a case for why your book matters, why it is important and why you are the best person to write it. What is the takeaway for your reader? You will need to answer questions about how you will write and market the book and your unique qualifications. I will provide a close reading of your proposal.

Submit for evaluation and assessment:

Your book proposal (as much as you have completed)

20 pages from the beginning of your manuscript (12 font double-spaced)

And if you have written one, a query letter (I can provide a query letter template)

During a one-hour Zoom conference, I will provide you with a written review of the proposal outlining suggestions for enhancement and development. I will provide a final review once you have made the suggested changes.

There is an additional fee for evaluating the entire manuscript

Fee: $799

Coaching & Consulting Clients


"Marita Golden is an amazing editor. Her evaluation and feedback were critical to the publishing of my novel and I appreciate the seamless process of working with her. Not only did she take the requisite time to get to know my work, but she also invested in learning about me as a writer and my goals for the manuscript. Marita's expertise and guidance were truly invaluable."
M. Shelley Connor
Author of the novel Everyman: A Novel
"After Marita took me on as a client my life as a writer changed in fundamental and miraculous ways. With her counsel, instruction, and critique I gained a wealth of insight and was able to achieve substantial improvement in my work. She gave me clarity and understanding. With her guidance, I was becoming the writer I always wanted to be. She saw it in me. She brought it out of me."
Vicci Lovette Saunders
Associate Professor, Cathy Hughes School of Communications, Howard University
"Marita is a gifted, knowledgeable teacher and inspirer. With her professionalism and experience, I was encouraged to demand more of myself and take risks that vastly improved my manuscript."
"Working with Marita I gained more confidence in my ability to tell my stories. Marita Golden is a fantastic writing coach, and it is a privilege working with her."
Arlene Quiyou Pena storyteller
Arlene Quiyou-Pena