Conversation Series

The New Strong Black Women

Welcome to my Conversation Series The New Strong Black Women. I am in dialogue with a variety of Black women of all ages and experiences about how they maintain their physical and mental health. My new book The Strong Black Woman How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women has sparked important and overdue conversations. In this series you will meet women who will inspire and perhaps ignite your journey to wellness.

Nkechi Taifa,The Taifa Group

Nkechi Taifa and I discuss the challenges of being a political activist and finding time to adopt practices that ensure physical and mental wellbeing.

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Anita Berger, Principal, Benjamin Banneker High School and Richelle Ellison, Esq.

Anita Berger and Richelle Ellison, two women representing different generations discuss how their commitment to robust physical activity has made them stronger and healthier.

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Rochelle Soetan, Author

Rochelle Soetan and I discuss how the seeking mental health support of counselors and therapists has helped us to meet crises at crucial points in our lives.

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Queen Muse, Writer

Queen Muse discusses the process of grieving a loved one and navigating the grief process with young children.

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Dine Watson, Writer

Dine Watson lives with a chronic kidney disorder. We discuss how she has maintained a healthy body and a healthy mental attitude living with a disease for which there is treatment but no cure.

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DeBorah Gilbert White, Author

DeBorah Gilbert White is an activist for the Homeless community who found herself unexpectedly unhoused. We discuss the challenges of navigating living as an unhoused person, building a new life after housing has been found and healing from the emotional trauma inflicted by homelessness.

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Marlena Perrin and Sherry Jones

Marlena Perrin and Sherry Jones talk about their thirty years as active runners, walkers, and their yoga and meditation practice and how they adapt their physical activity as they age.

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