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Providing a Close and Thorough Reading of Your Manuscript

I evaluate the effectiveness of the narrative, the power, and authority of the voice, as well as the skill of the writing craft and technique. I read fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

Revision, Rewriting, Rethinking and Reimagining

These are crucial and necessary parts of the creative process. You will write numerous drafts as you grow into the ability to understand and tell your story. Receiving editorial feedback, and critique allows you to see and experiences your story through the eyes of the reader.

Do You Really Know Your Story?

A New Perspective

As the author of over a dozen works of fiction and nonfiction and as a working writer I know how much it takes to write well. I know how long it takes to write well. I know how important wise editorial advice that respects your unique story is for your process. My editors are my best friends as I write my books, providing an informed perspective, asking salient questions, and encouraging me to write with boldness and beauty. That is what I will provide for you when I evaluate your work. Contact Me for Information!