Marita is a sought-after popular speaker. The variety of topics she has addressed in both her fiction and nonfiction books provides her with a platform from which to bring enlightenment, inspiration and new ideas to a variety of audiences such as:

As a master teacher who has taught not only in the United States but in Europe and Africa, and worked with varied constituencies, from traditional and nontraditional college students to women’s groups, youth, seniors, public school students and writers, Marita Golden brings a wealth of expertise to lectures on current trends in education, and how to improve quality of teaching.

All of Marita Golden’s writing workshops can be customized for specific groups interested in enhancing creativity and writing skills. Marita also lectures on “The Future of Reading and Writing.”

Community Organizations
Non profit organizations working with young people have frequently used Marita Golden’s best-selling book Saving Our Sons: Raising Black Children in a Turbulent World as required reading for young people and their parents. As a mother and social activist Marita brings a message of possibilities and empowerment to these groups and speaks eloquently about issues of social and racial justice.

Black History Month Presentations
As a major contemporary African-American writer Marita Golden’s Black History Month presentations range from readings and discussions of her work to lectures on icons of African-American literature and the subject of color consciousness in the African American community and globally. As a co-founder and President Emeritus of the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation, Marita also presents lectures on the contributions of world literature of these two unique literary voices.

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