Manuscript Evaluation Services

After many hours of dedication and discipline you have completed a draft of your book. Now you need a thorough and in-depth reading and critique from someone with experience in working with writers to discover the real heart and soul of their stories. I will provide a close reading and detailed evaluation of the most important aspects of your writing project.

  • The quality of writing
  • Thematic consistency throughout the manuscript
  • The overall structure and design of the narrative
  • Areas of strength and portions of the draft that require re-working or more development
  • The presence of absence of a solid “take-away” for the reader
  • Development of the characters and or ideas that propel the story
  • The evaluation is customized to meet the specific and different requirements of fiction and nonfiction projects

Email info@ maritagolden for fees and more information

As part of the evaluation I also provide specific writing exercises/prompts to address weaknesses in the draft.

“As a reader Marita was thorough, and her suggestions allowed me to see, write and imagine a deeper more compelling story” E. L