Marita’s work is discussed in the following books


redclayI Know What The Red Clay Looks Like: The Voice and Vision of Black Women Writers
Edited by Rebecca Carroll
In this collection, writer and free-lance editor Carroll conducts interviews with eight of the most famous African-American women writers, who praise the noted black women writers preceding them.
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brokensilencesBroken Silences: Interviews with Black and White Women Writers
By Shirley Marie Jordan
By selecting articulate, amusing, impassioned, and introspective authors who have portrayed characters across race lines, Jordan focuses on commonalities, as well as important differences, in this creative process.
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blackwomenBlack Women, Writing and Identity: Migrations of the Subject
By Carole Boyce Davies
Black Women, Writing, and Identity is a salient examination of black women’s writing and the politics of subjectivity and identity. Emerging out of a critical need to situate black women’s writing in a cross-cultural perspective, Carol Boyce Davies investigates critically the complexities, the contradictions, and the constraints which both determine and displace the black woman writer’s identity.
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imagesofblackImages of Black Men In Black Women Writers 1950-1990
By Edward M. Jackson
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bookmarksBookMarks: Reading in Black and White
By Karla F. C. Holloway
BookMarks provides a unique window into the ways that African Americans negotiate between black and white cultures. This compelling rumination on reading is a book that everyone should add to their personal collections and proudly carry “cover out.”
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