Manuscript Evaluation Services

Marita Golden’s Writing Workshops:
“The workshop with Marita was simply the best workshop I have ever taken” C.G.

Manuscript Evaluation Services
“As a reader Marita was thorough, and her suggestions allowed me to see, write and imagine a deeper more compelling story” E. L

After many hours of dedication and discipline you have completed a draft of your book. Now you need a thorough and in-depth reading and critique from someone with experience in working with writers to discover the real heart and soul of their stories. You will benefit from my many years as a widely read author, teacher of writing, literary coach, writing seminar leader and evaluator of in-progress books.
I will provide a close reading and detailed evaluation of the most important aspects of your writing project:

  • The quality of writing
  • Thematic consistency throughout the manuscript
  • The overall structure and design of the narrative
  • Areas of strength and portions of the draft that require re-working or more development
  • The presence of absence of a solid “take-away” for the reader
  • Development of the characters and or ideas that propel the story
  • The evaluation is customized to meet the specific and different requirements of fiction and nonfiction projects

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As part of the evaluation I also provide specific writing exercises/prompts to address weaknesses in the draft.

Workshop Dates and Times
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Tuition is due upon receipt of your acceptance letter. Payments may be paid by certified check, money order, or online. Details about how to make payments will be included in the acceptance letter. Enrollment is not complete until tuition payment is made.

Cancellation policy: If enrollees are unable to attend the workshop, a course credit will be issued to be used for the same class at a later date. If workshop is cancelled by workshop leader, the class will be rescheduled.