Marita Golden’s 2018 Workshops and Seminars


Summer Workshop:

How To Get Agent-Ready

Saturday  June 23   9 am to 3pm

This one- day workshop is perfect for any writer who wants to get their book published. You’l learn how to write a manuscript that is literary agent and publisher ready, how to find the best agent for you and your book, and the top three things agents look for in a manuscript. We’ll discuss and evaluate your project and you’ll get advice on how to prepare for and what to expect on the page to publisher journey. If you have an agent but are looking for a new one, or if you want to find your first agent, this workshop will answer the most frequently asked questions and will provide hard-to-find advice and guidance.

Venue: Marita’s home in Mitchellville, Maryland

Cost: $250  (lunch included)
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Write Now!

Friday – Sunday, August 10, 11 & 12
A “full immersion” weekend of talks, writing sessions, writing breakthroughs, group feedback, and conversation with emerging and published writers.

Venue: Marita’s home in Mitchellville, Maryland
Special Guest: Melanie S. Hatter

Friday August 10
6:00 pm Dinner with Marita and Melanie followed by questions and discussion. Melanie will discuss the art of fiction.

Saturday August 11
10:00 am to 3:00 pm Writing workshop (lunch included).
Marita will lecture on the art of the memoir and nonfiction writing. Workshop will include in-class writing.

Sunday September 12
9:30 am to 11:30 am Final workshop

Cost: $550.00

To register: Reserve space $300.00 non-refundable deposit
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Fall Writing Workshop:

Writing From The Spirit

Saturday October 6   9 am to 3pm

Writing From The Spirit: An imagination and idea-generation workshop

This mixed-genre workshop, open to emerging and experienced writers, will stimulate your creativity and sharpen your ability to write deeply and fearlessly. You will write outside your comfort zone and redefine your comfort zone. We won’t write outside the box, we’ll get rid of the box and discover the beauty of “process” and accept fear and doubt as propellants not roadblocks to creativity. You’ll write in forms you may have thought were off limits to you. You’ll “uncloset” the stories you want to write but are unsure of. Lots of in-class writing, small group discussion, oral presentation and discovery.  You will gain a radically new vision of what and how to write.

Venue: Marita’s home in Mitchellville, Maryland

Cost: $250   (lunch included)
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