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Marita Golden

Literary Awards

2008 Maryland Author Award from the Association of Maryland Librarians


The fiction and nonfiction writing of Marita Golden portrays the
complex and challenging lives of African-American women and families.

It's All Love by Marita Golden
Living Out Loud
A Writer's Journey

Marita Golden

A collection of essays that comprise a literary memoir, how Marita Golden became a successful author and the personal and professional influences on her writer's journey.

It's All Love by Marita Golden
The Word
Marita Golden

In these thirteen strikingly candid interviews, bestselling authors, winners of the Pulitzer Prize, and writers picked by Oprah's Book Club discuss how the acts of reading and writing have deeply affected their lives. The stories that emerge from these in-depth interviews not only provide an important record of the creative life of leading Black writers , but also explore the vast cultural and spiritual benefits of reading and writing.



It's All Love by Marita Golden
It's All Love:
Black Writers on Soul Mates, Family and Friends

Marita Golden

In It’s All Love, Black writers celebrate the complexity, power, danger, and glory of love in all its many forms: romantic, familial, communal, and sacred. Editor Marita Golden recounts the morning she woke up certain that she would meet her soul mate in “My Own Happy Ending”. It’s All Love is a dazzling, delightfully diverse exploration of the wonderful gift of love.



After by Marita Golden
Marita Golden

The author of half a dozen books on race, both fiction and nonfiction, Golden tackles the subject from a different perspective in her latest novel about a black policeman who kills an innocent young black man. Thinking the driver he just pulled over is reaching for a gun, Maryland police officer Carson Blake shoots first. But what Carson thought was a gun turns out to be a cellphone. Carson; his wife, Bunny; and their three children struggle through the aftermath as Golden explores the baggage that comes with the badge for a black family man.



Don't Play in the Sun by Marita Golden
Don't Play in the Sun:
One Woman's Journey Through the Color Complex

Marita Golden

Golden paints an intimate self-portrait of her life as a dark-complexioned black woman and invites readers to take a behind-the-scenes look at the twisted and emotionally charged path of color-based discrimination that began when she was warned not to play in the sun. She succinctly details how the "light is right, black get back" mentality has permeated the African diaspora, its invasion of black institutions and how it sits just below the radar in Hollywood, athletics, news coverage and music videos. She includes stories from dozens of friends, acquaintances and experts, which as a whole suggest that blacks the world over may have been traumatized as much by colorism as they have by racism and colonialism.


The Edge of Heaven by Marita Golden
The Edge of Heaven
Marita Golden

In The Edge of Heaven, Marita Golden has fashioned a deceptively simple story of a family whose lives have been shattered by a single moment of angry carelessness--told through the eyes of Teresa Singletary, a twenty-year-old college student with an overwhelming emotional burden; her father, Ryland; and her mother, Lena, whose return to her own mother's home has precipitated a reckoning with Teresa. Together they all struggle to find a place to re-learn each other--somewhere that transcends the painful reality etched into their souls--only to discover that even the darkest tragedy is rivaled by love's transforming light.

Gumbo by Marita Golden
Gumbo: An Anthology of African-American Writing
Marita Golden and E. Lynn Harris

Terry McMillan, Bertice Berry, and Connie Briscoe are just a few of the more than 50 African-American writers who contributed to Gumbo, an extraordinary anthology of fiction edited by Marita Golden and E. Lynn Harris. A selection of new and previously published stories written by established and new talent, Gumbo includes tales of love, luck, inspiration and desperation, hip new worlds and hallowed heritage.

A Miracle Every Day by Marita Golden
A Miracle Every Day:
Triumph and Transformation in the Lives of Single Mothers

Marita Golden

A Miracle Every Day Triumph and Transformation in the Lives of Single Mothers takes an illuminating and intimate look at flourishing single-mother families. Single motherhood and the children of single mothers have been the subject of overwhelmingly negative statistical analysis. But, asks Marita Golden, where are the studies that analyze the strengths of single mothers, the positive adaptive skills learned by their children, the support systems that help these families work?

Saving Our Sons by Marita Golden
Saving Our Sons:
Raising Black Children in a Turbulent World

Marita Golden

Through the story of raising her son against the backdrop of a racially divided society, Golden confronts the causes of the violence that surrounds the legacy of her own generation's struggle for civil rights. She talks to psychologists, writers, and young Black men-criminals and scholars both-and explores how single Black mothers are often blamed for troubled youth.

In this fiercely lyrical and revealing narrative, Golden has created a work of profound and lasting importance: a book that sensitively and uniquely addresses the problems of boyhood and emerging manhood.

Skin Deep by Marita Golden
Skin Deep:
Black Women and White Women Write About Race

Edited byMarita Golden and Susan Richards

Girlfriend, you don't want to miss the pungent, probing questions and answers in this fascinating, timely volume. Both editors--are brave, disconcerting, moving, funny, and challenging as they struggle to gaze squarely at the ways American women have penetrated--and failed to penetrate--the multifarious barriers of race. This is scary territory: a landscape littered with betrayals and failures of understanding, but illuminated by precious victories and by the editors' hope that we can "both see and see beyond race," that if we "address our differences . . . [now], the issue of race in our children's generation will be, in fact, skin deep."

Wild Women Don't Wear No Blues by Marita Golden
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Wild Women Don't Wear No Blues
Black Women Writers on Love, Men and Sex
Marita Golden

In this provocative collection of nonfiction pieces, Marita Golden, the critically acclaimed novelist, and fourteen other African-American women writers talk-each in their own distinctive style-about love, men, and sex. These essays-nine of which were written expressly for this book-range in style and content from eroticism to Miram DeCosta-Willis's moving essay about her husband to Audrey B. Chapman's hopeful "Black Men Do Feel About Love." Some are saucy, some spicy, a few use words not usually heard in polite company, and a few of them will leave you gasping or stunned. All of the essays are explorations into the contemporary Black female psyche.

And Do Remember Me by Marita Golden
And Do Remember Me
Marita Golden

Like Golden's previous books-- Long Distance Life, Migrations of the Heart, and A Woman's Place this novel offers an insightful view into the lives of individual African-American women. It opens as Jessie Foster escapes incest by running away from home and subsequently becomes drawn into the Civil Rights movement. With the help of her activist/playwright boyfriend, she discovers a love of acting and later becomes a professional actress. Golden offers a resonant description of the consequences of Jessie's sexual abuse, and her characterization and images are skillfully drawn and believable.

A Woman's Place by Marita Golden
Buy the book from Amazon.com
A Woman's Place
Marita Golden

The compelling, beautifully told story of three black women who meet at a New England college in the late sixties and form a friendship that will guide them through the changes, the joys, and the tears of the coming years. Faith (later Aisha when she converts to Islam) feels out of place at the exclusive Boston college where they first meet and drops out. Social activist Serena yearns for something more and finds it working in Africa. Tall, brilliant, poetic Crystal is the most introspective, struggling to commit herself to her white lover.

After by Marita Golden
Long Distance Life
Marita Golden

"A novel of impressive artistry and power." The Washington Post
Caught in the web of history, generations of an African-American family play out their parts on a world stage that constantly changes, protected always by the love of one another, which never will.Golden explores the baggage that comes with the badge for a black family man.




After by Marita Golden
Migrations of the Heart: An Autobiography
Marita Golden

In her classic memoir, distinguished author, television executive, and activist Marita Golden beautifully recounts an astounding journey to Africa and back.


Her struggle to regain her footing and shape a black identity that was true to her spirit is suspenseful and inspiring, an uncommon tale of race, identity, and Africa.


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